Variations in online Video Poker

nevada-oasis-casino video poker Another advantage which online casinos have over live casinos is the provision of variety to its players available at site. With all new variations, Video Poker has been a new challenge and fun thing for its players online. Research has revealed that online casinos spend months before releasing new variations of video poker. It is because they want to test these games in order to make them a perfect haven for the valuable players in online casinos like Bwin casino. Some of the latest released variations of online video poker are;

Aces and Faces;

Get ready to be plunged in the heart of action with Aces and Faces. This category of online video poker goes without a wild card and it uses only one deck (52 Cards). The payouts in this category of online video poker are high and start from nifty pair of Jacks at Online Casinos.

Ten(s) or Better;

Once again, this variant of online video poker also uses a single deck of Fifty Two cards and it pays out good. The rewards are initiated from pair(s) of Tens card(s).

Deuces & Joker;

Deuces and Joker is a popular form of online video poker with a small twist in it. This game has one additional card in the single deck and it makes 53 cards in total. To be eligible for payout, you have to have a minimum of Three of a Kind Hand.

Double Joker;

Double joker is an amazing tweaked form of online Free Video Poker. The game is simple and contains a total of 54 cards in a single deck. All payouts in Double Joker initiate from a pairs of 2 and above.